Sure hands 16"

69 €

The Sure Hands System

This series of training tools was developed to teach the proper swing and overcome common mistakes, such as pulling off the ball while rolling the hands over or arm barring. Among other things, the extended knob helps teach the batter to attack the ball with the knob of the bat and prevent further mistakes.


The 16” bat can be used as a one hand bat. It comes in two versions, the underweight to work on speed of the small muscles involved in hitting and a heavy version to work on control and technique.

2,20" Barrel size
0,97" Handle size
2,00" Knob size
Medium Knob type
YAYA baseball
Barrel color
Natural Coffee Royal Blue Navy Blue Green Black Pink Red Yellow Orange
Handle color
Natural Coffee Green Orange Pink Red Yellow Black Navy Blue Royal Blue
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Team price

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Customise your bats with extended color combinations, laser engraving and a unique profiles shape.

Original & ECO friendly

Our bats are made from The Original European Beech Wood. We use only ECO friendly lacquers and paints.