Cookies information

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that improve website usage, for example, by allowing you to recognize previous visitors when logging in to a user environment, remembering a visitor’s choice when opening a new window, measuring website traffic, or how to use it for user improvement.

This information is non-existent and we use it to improve our services and ensure the proper functioning of our website. We do not try to identify individual visitors to our website unless they provide their contact information through one of the forms on the site.

What cookies do we use?

Depending on the type of cookies and settings of your internet browser, they may be permanent or temporary (as long as you have an Internet browser running or for the time specified in its settings). Permanent cookies help identify your device when visiting our website and allow us to prevent the same content from appearing again. Temporary cookies are automatically frozen when you close the Internet browser and allow you to store some information that will make your stay more enjoyable on our website (for example, you will not have to repeatedly enter some data into the forms). You can always delete cookies, whether they are permanent or temporary.

We use the following types of cookies on our website:

  1. Basic cookies: they are necessary for the operation of our website and for the provision of our services. These include, for example, cookies that allow you to sign into secure areas of our site without having to re-login, pre-fill forms, use a shopping cart, or use e-invoicing services. If you do not allow these cookies, we can not guarantee the seamless use of the content of our website.
  1. Analytical / Running Cookies: Collect information about how visitors use our website, allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors, and see how visitors are moving on our website when using it. In this way, we improve the performance of our services, for example by ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for. We do not collect information that could directly identify visitors. The data are aggregated and anonymous.
  1. Functional Cookies: These are necessary to know you when you return to our site. In this way, we customize the content of your site for you, we can reach you with your name and remember your preferences, such as your choice of language or region, the settings you selected when you first visited the site, content distribution, site selection, and so on. They can also include your preferences (for example, you have chosen a seller), find out whether we have offered you a specific service (such as questionnaires), or store more complicated decisions (such as a particular product you are interested in).
  1. Target / Ad Cookies: Record your visit to your website, specifically the sections you’ve visited and the links you’ve watched. We use this information to show you services and advertising according to your preferences and interests, more effectively target direct marketing communications, and also to limit ad impressions and to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  1. Third-party cookies: Third parties (including, for example, ad networks and external service providers, such as Web Visitor Analysis Services) may also use cookies over which we have no control. These cookies are probably analytical / powerful or targeted cookies. This may be the case when a web site viewed by a third-party analytics or marketing automation tool (for example, GoogleAnalytics), or displaying third-party site content, YouTube or Facebook. This results in the acceptance of cookies from these third party services.

How can I block cookies?

You can stop storing cookies on your device at any time by setting up your web browser. However, if you reject cookies, you may not be able to fully use the features your site offers.

Setting up your browser is within the meaning of Section 55 5 of the Electronic Communications Act considered as your consent to the use of cookies on our site.


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