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Why European Beech Wood?

The University of Wood Technology in Zvolen, Slovakia tested the select wood used in YAYA’s beech wood bats against American Wood Council standards. The results? YAYA’s beech greatly outperforms maple, ash and birch on three crucial characteristics: rupture, elasticity, and density.

European Beech Wood is by far the most durable wood available. Its elastic memory produces a profound trampoline effect creating better exit speed and increased distance. We find the amazing harmonics of the wood to have less vibration insuring more power transferred between bat and ball.





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We are more than a bat company. We are a community of players, coaches and dedicated craftspeople. We are inspired to create the highest quality, most affordable, best performing bat in the world.

Our founder who ventured into this project was motivated by a wish to find a self -funding independent vehicle for preserving and building baseball in Eastern Europe for any child regardless of economic standing. He searched for weeks in the forest to find a new and better, more durable, powerful wood to bring to players all around the world.

The result is Beech Wood, dried by a guarded process to produce bats with the best mechanical properties that are needed for a wooden bat. Our hands on manufacturing process insures each bat is true, without deformities, and of such quality as needed by the highest level baseball player. We do not make seconds, from our children’s bats to those produced for professional players all bats come from the same billets. Our hands on method is utilized from billet to customer, children’s, adult, fungos, sure hands. One method, one wood, quality bats for all.

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Our bats are made from The Original European Beech Wood


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