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The BB37X series is built for speed. The balanced weight distribution and unique barrel profile allows the hitter to get through the zone with quickness and ease. These bats are specifically designed to allow for maximum bat velocity.

The BB372 comes with a leaner knob and handle profile. The design gives the hitter a more top heavy feel without sacrificing bat speed through the hitting zone.


2,49″ Barrel size
0,96″ Handle size
1,95" Knob size
small Knob type
YAYA baseball
Barrel color
Brown Grey Maroon White Natural Coffee Royal Blue Navy Blue Green Black Pink Red Yellow Orange
Handle color
Brown Grey Maroon White Natural Coffee Green Orange Pink Red Yellow Black Navy Blue Royal Blue
Production and delivery takes from 3 to 4 weeks
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Our bats are made from The Original European Beech Wood


Bats with revolutions quality

YAYA bats

Approved bats for WBSC, CEB, FIBS, DBV