YAYA Practice bat BB 392

50 €

Unfinished handle for better grip. Sweet spot with orange color for better eye control of hitting.

This is an attempt at a more modern approach to hitting. We make the barrel long but more narrow allowing us to use our most dense wood while making the desired weight to length ratio. By using more dense wood we get a much better transfer of power between the bat and the ball, with optimizing the trampoline affect.

We are also able to increase the length of the handle, so a hitter gets maximum elasticity and acceleration through the hitting zone.

2,45" Barrel size
0,96" Handle size
1,95" Knob size
SMALL Knob type
YAYA baseball
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Our bats are made from The Original European Beech Wood


Bats with revolutions quality

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Approved bats for WBSC, CEB, FIBS, DBV